Systematic Synthesis for Electronic-Control Colpitts Oscillator Using CCCIIs

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Authors: Yongan Li and Bo Chen
Date: June 2019
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report
Length: 162 words

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Byline: Yongan Li (1), Bo Chen (1) Keywords: Colpitts oscillator; electronic control; current-controlled conveyor; nodal admittance matrix expansion; TN 75 Abstract: By the aid of nullor-mirror models of the second-generation current-controlled conveyor (CCCII) and applying the nodal admittance matrix (NAM) expansion method, the family of current-mode Colpitts oscillators employing four CCCIIs and three grounded capacitors is synthesized. Thirty-two Colpitts oscillators using CCCIIs are obtained in all. By using canonical number of components, the circuits can be easily integrated and the oscillation criterion and the oscillation frequency can be independently and electronically tuned by tuning bias currents of the CCCIIs. The paper-and-pencil analysis and Pspice simulation results have been included to support the synthesis method. Author Affiliation: (1) 0000 0004 1765 5556, grid.459947.2, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Xianyang Normal University, Xianyang, Shaanxi, 712000, China Article History: Registration Date: 13/05/2019 Received Date: 10/12/2018 Online Date: 14/05/2019 Article note: Foundation item: Supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Key Research and Development Program, China (2018NY-158)

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