Prostate carcinoma: clarification through clinical insight and molecular diagnostics

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Date: June 1998
From: The Western Journal of Medicine(Vol. 168, Issue 6)
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 690 words

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The dilemmas surrounding carcinoma of the prostate (CaP) screening and treatment are a source of professional debate and confusion, and fear for patients and their wives. Four recent developments provide guideposts to reduce uncertainty.

First, the epidemic is waning. Predictions by the American Cancer Society of 334,500 cases in 1997 were high; actually fewer than 210,000 cases were diagnosed. The incidence is lower because the earlier diagnosis of preclinical or latent cancers by serum PSA screening has been completed and these patients are thus removed from each year's new count. No prediction is possible of the ultimate level of decline. However the increase of CaP in men over the age of 70 (years) and our belief that there are environmental factors increasing the incidence of CaP suggests that we will not return to pre PSA testing levels of the disease.

Second, we know that patient characteristics are important in deciding whether to use PSA to screen for CaP. If men are to benefit from CaP screening and treatment, they must have a...

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