Training direct-care staff to implement sensory integration strategies on a psychiatric inpatient unit.

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Date: May 2022
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Keywords: psychiatric inpatient units; sensory integration therapy; sensory room; staff training Abstract Problem Despite the importance of sensory integration therapy on psychiatric inpatient units, there continues to be a paucity of trained providers that can delivery this service to patients. Method This study evaluated components of a training program to teach nurses and direct-care staff appropriate use of sensory integration strategies. Using the research team as confederates, we collected data on how three direct-care staff used sensory integration strategies across two conditions and with a patient admitted to the unit. Next, we implemented the didactic-only training, which provided education for when to use different aspects of the sensory room. Finally, we transitioned to a condition in which feedback supplemented the didactic training. Findings Before training and following the Didactic Only Training condition, accuracy was low for all participants. All three participants' accuracy with using sensory integration strategies improved and maintained when they implemented the strategies with a patient after completing the combined intervention. We were able to use the combined intervention to improve two additional direct-care staff's accuracy. Conclusions Staff training incorporating didactic training plus feedback was most effective for training appropriate use of sensory integration strategies. We also discuss the importance of having performance-based measures to track occurrence of important skills. Byline: Katherine Proterra, Shana Ehrlich, Patrick W. Romani

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