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Date: May 2021
From: Notre Dame Law Review(Vol. 96, Issue 5)
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Law School
Document Type: Article
Length: 406 words
Lexile Measure: 1750L

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For more than two decades, the Notre Dame Law Review's Federal Courts, Practice & Procedure series has served as a valuable forum for analysis of the federal court system. Often organized as a symposium on a single topic, the Federal Courts issue has attracted high-quality legal scholarship from academics and jurists alike.

This year, we are honored to publish articles and essays from eleven of the country's leading federal courts scholars--Andrew Kent (Fordham), Gregory Sisk (St. Thomas), Joanna C. Schwartz (UCLA), Alexander Reinert (Cardozo), James E. Pfander (Northwestern), Stephen I. Vladeck (University of Texas at Austin), Ann Woolhandler (University of Virginia),...

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