Adsorption of heavy metal ions in ternary systems onto Fe(OH).sub.3

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From: Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering(Vol. 30, Issue 12)
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report
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Byline: Syed Mustafa (1), Muhammad Irshad (1), Muhammad Waseem (2), Khizar Hussain Shah (1), Umer Rashid (3), Wajid Rehman (3) Keywords: Ternary System; Metal Adsorption; Modeling; Thermodynamic Parameters Abstract: The adsorption behavior of amorphous Fe(OH).sub.3 has been studied in multicomponent metal system. The metal ions uptake in the ternary system is lower than in the single system, suggesting that certain sites on the surface of the solid are blocked due to competition. The selectivity trend in the ternary system is observed to be Ni.sup.2+ Zn.sup.2+ Cd.sup.2+ which is, however, lost with increase in the temperature of the aqueous solution. Further, the observed selectivity trend is neither related to electronegativity of the metal ions nor to the pH of the hydrolysis, but has been found dependent on charge to radius ratio. The metal ions adsorption is found to increase with pH, while the converse is true with the rise in temperature. The uptake of metal ions data has been interpreted in terms of stoichiometry, binding constants and adsorption capacities. The negative values of IG show that uptake of metal ions is favored at lower temperatures, indicating that the adsorption mechanism essentially remains ion exchange in nature. Author Affiliation: (1) National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry, University of Peshawar, 25120, Peshawar, Pakistan (2) Department of Physics, Comsats Institute of Information Technology, P. O. Box 44000, Islamabad, Pakistan (3) Department of Chemistry, Hazara University, Mansehra, 21300, Pakistan Article History: Registration Date: 14/11/2013 Received Date: 18/06/2013 Accepted Date: 15/09/2013 Online Date: 14/11/2013

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