Essential Function of Dynamin in the Invasive Properties and Actin Architecture of v-Src Induced Podosomes/Invadosomes

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 8, Issue 12)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 8,863 words
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The large GTPase dynamin plays a key role in endocytosis but is also localized at numerous actin rich sites. We investigated dynamin functions at podosomes/invadosomes, actin-based cellular adhesion structures implicated in tissue invasion. Podosomes/invadosomes are constituted of long F-actin bundles perpendicular to the substratum (actin cores), connected to randomly arranged F-actin fibers parallel to the substratum (actin cloud). We show here that dynamin depletion in v-Src-transformed fibroblasts triggers a massive disorganization of podosomes/invadosomes (isolated or in rosettes), with a corresponding inhibition of their invasive properties. The action of dynamin at podosomes/invadosomes requires a functional full-length protein, suggesting that the effects of dynamin at these sites and in membrane remodelling during endocytosis are mediated by similar mechanisms. In order to determine direct effect of dynamin depletion on invadosome, an optogenetic approach based on the photosensitizer KillerRed was developed. Acute dynamin photo-inactivation leads to a very rapid disorganization of invadosome without affecting focal adhesions. Dynamin therefore is a key regulator of the architecture of actin in podosomes/invadosomes.

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