Influence of nonlinear elastomer on isolated lag dynamics and rotor/fuselage aeromechanical stability

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Date: November-December 2004
From: Journal of Aircraft(Vol. 41, Issue 6)
Publisher: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc.
Document Type: Author abstract
Length: 196 words

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This paper presents a study on the effect of nonlinearities of an elastomeric bearing on isolated lag dynamics and coupled rotor/fuselage ground resonance stability of an idealized bearingless rotor blade. The rotor blade is modeled as an elastic beam with a nonlinear elastomer and a rigid torque tube. First, amplitudedependent natural frequency of the blade in lag mode is analyzed using numerical perturbation technique. Then the problem of amplitudedependent stability of the coupled rotor/fuselage system under ground resonance condition is investigated. The stability of the system is analyzed by two approaches, namely, 1) by eigenanalysis of the linearized equations and 2) by response of the nonlinear system to ah initial disturbance by time integration. The results of the eigenanalysis indicate that the effect of amplitude seems to be more dominant on the progressive lag mode damping than on regressive lag mode damping. It is also observed that so far as the stability in ground resonance is concerned there exist optimum locations for the attachment of both the elastomer and torque tube. Results of the time-domain analysis of the nonlinear equations indicate clearly that the stability of the system is dependent on the magnitude of initial disturbance.

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