Cannabis Consumption in Dispensaries: Public Health Implications of an Emerging Practice.

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Author: Wendee Nicole
Date: Aug. 2021
From: Environmental Health Perspectives(Vol. 129, Issue 8)
Publisher: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Document Type: Article
Length: 983 words
Lexile Measure: 1530L

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Within the past few years, California and other states have legalized the smoking, vaping, and dabbing of cannabis inside the dispensaries where it is sold, as well as in cannabis lounges. All three forms of consumption release aerosols, including fine particulate matter ([PM.sub.2.5]), which can penetrate the lungs of people nearby. (1) In a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, (2) researchers from the University of California (UC), San Francisco, reported that concentrations of [PM.sub.2.5] in one dispensary were 28 times higher during working hours than when the business was closed--a finding with potentially important public health and policy implications.

The researchers used two laser photometers to measure [PM.sub.2.5] continuously over 5 weeks within the dispensary. Cannabis vaping and dabbing occurred at two tables at one corner of the room; this particular dispensary did not allow smoking. Over the entire 5 wk, the researchers measured an average 84 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] [PM.sub.2.5] (plus or minus a standard deviation of 124 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]) during working hours and 3 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] ([+ or -]7 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]) when the business was closed. Comparing median concentrations across 2-hour intervals, the highest value, 76 [micro]g/[m.sup.3], occurred during the period of 1700-1900 hours.

These values correspond to [PM.sub.2.5] levels found in indoor spaces that allow cigarette smoking, according to the authors. However, they note that dabbing and vaping likely produce lower levels of [PM.sub.2.5] than smoking cannabis in a similar space with similar ventilation because smoking creates more sidestream smoke. Sidestream smoke comes off a...

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