Perchlorate assessment guidance issued

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Date: Feb. 2006
From: Hazardous Waste Consultant(Vol. 24, Issue 2)
Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
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On January 26, 2006, EPA issued its "Assessment Guidance for Perchlorate." The guidance establishes a reference dose (RID) for perchlorate of 0.0007 milligram/kilogram-day (mg/kg-day) as the recommended value "to be considered" (TBC) for use by risk assessors and project managers at CERCLA sites. This RID leads to a drinking water equivalent level (DWEL) of 24.5 ppb (24.5 [micro]g/L) as the preliminary remediation goal for perchlorate. The 2006 guidance replaces a previous perchlorate interim assessment guidance issued by EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) on January 22, 2003 regarding perchlorate under the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan (National Contingency Plan [NCP]).


Ammonium perchlorate is a component of numerous items (e.g., solid rocket fuel, fireworks, air bags, some fertilizers), and is a widespread environmental contaminant. EPA, states, federal agencies, tribes, water suppliers, and the private sector have worked for several years to address the issue of perchlorate environmental contamination.

1999 Interim Guidance

On June 18, 1999, EPA's Office of Research and Development (ORD) issued its "Interim Assessment Guidance for Perchlorate" to address significant concerns and uncertainties relating to a final human health oral risk benchmark for perchlorate. The 1999 guidance endorsed the use of a provisional RID range of 0.0001 to 0.0005 mg/kg-day for perchlorate-related assessment activities, until a final health risk benchmark was established. This range was originally issued by ORD's National Center for Environmental Assessment, Superfund Technical Support Center, based on assessments completed in 1992, and was revised in 1995. The 1999 guid ance also used the standard default body weight...

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