Do GICs and annuities work today?

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Date: January-February 1992
From: Financial Executive(Vol. 8, Issue 1)
Publisher: Financial Executives International
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,978 words

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The reliability of guaranteed investment contracts (GICs) in the insurance industry was examined at the Financial Executives Institute's fall conference in Washington, DC. The round table talks among corporate pension managers noted that two major issues in the insurance industry provide solutions to the GIC question. One solution involves the issue of insurance industry's liquidity and considers the implications for corporate sponsors. The other solution calls for a stepping up of federal regulation of the insurance industry. The remarks on GICs of the former Superintendent of Insurance of NY James P. Corcoran, New York Life Insurance Exec VP Thomas P. O'Connor, and Institutional Investors Consulting Pres Len Chaikind are provided.

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