ISCU(M108I) and ISCU(D39V) Differ from Wild-Type ISCU in Their Failure To Form Cysteine Desulfurase Complexes Containing Both Frataxin and Ferredoxin

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Date: Mar. 6, 2018
From: Biochemistry(Vol. 57, Issue 9)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Report
Length: 48 words

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The article discusses stimulation failure of cysteine desulfurase complex (NIA)2 activity exhibits frataxin (FXN) by ferredoxin 2 (rdFDX2) with both wild-type structured variants ISCU(M108I) and ISCU(D39V). Topics include nuclear magnetic resonance titration experiments reveals ISCU, FXN, and rdFDX2 all bind to (NIA)2 to stimulate ironusulfur (FeuS) cluster assembly.

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