The Quest for Stability: Problems of West European Security, 1918-1957

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Date: Summer 1994
From: The Historian(Vol. 56, Issue 4)
Publisher: Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society, Inc.
Document Type: Book review; Brief article
Length: 503 words

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As a subject of historical investigation, the European search for stability has often been overlooked in favor of the causes of instability and war. This is changing. In this superb new collection of twenty-one essays, some of the most prominent practitioners of diplomatic history investigate the various efforts of the European states to create a viable, stable international order in twentieth-century Europe. The collection, in its treatment of European foreign, military, and economic policies, certainly reflects the traditional concerns of diplomatic history; but many of the essays go further, demonstrating a growing awareness among diplomatic historians of the contributions of non-state actors such as the League of Nations or the United Nations and transnational forces such as banking, communications, transportation, and mass media in fostering...

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