German Professions: 1800-1950

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Author: R.J. Overy
Date: Jan. 1992
From: Business History(Vol. 34, Issue 1)
Publisher: Frank Cass & Company Ltd.
Document Type: Book review
Length: 565 words

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This collection of 16 essays makes a major contribution to the increasingly popular field of professionalisation history. The contributions are, fittingly, professional enough, drawing a wide range of primary and secondary evidence from a diverse number of professions. The book is designed to show how self-conscious professions are created and develop, and secondly what was distinctive about this process in Germany. If there is a common theme here it lies in the view that professionalisation was encouraged in Germany not by consumer demand or traditions of self-organisation but by a shared educational background and the influence of the German state. Professions developed more as a result of structures dictated by academic qualification and bureaucratic practice, than through the pressures of the market place.

The book covers a wide range of professions, from classical scholars and attorneys in the nineteenth century to...

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