Alertness during working hours among eight-hour rotating-shift nurses: An observational study.

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Date: July 2022
From: Journal of Nursing Scholarship(Vol. 54, Issue 4)
Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Document Type: Report; Brief article
Length: 249 words

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Keywords: actigraphy; alertness; nurses; rotating shifts; shift work; shift-work schedules Abstract Purpose The aim of this study was to identify the patterns of the decline in the alertness of rotating-shift nurses during working hours across different shift types (day, evening, and night) using an objective measure. Design An observational study using ReadiBand wrist actigraphs was conducted. Methods Data were collected from June 2019 to February 2020. Participants were rotating-shift nurses (N = 82) who provided direct nursing care for patients in acute care hospitals in South Korea. Nurses wore actigraphs continuously for 14 days on their non-dominant hand to identify sleep-wake cycles and predict their alertness scores hourly. All participants completed a sleep diary. Findings Nurses working during night shifts had lower average alertness scores (mean = 77.12) than nurses working during day (mean = 79.05) and evening (mean = 91.21). Overall, alertness showed a declining trend and the specific patterns of decline differed across shifts. Participants with alertness scores less than 70 or 80 demonstrated a significant decline in alertness across all shifts. Conclusions Distinct patterns of decline in alertness per nursing shift were revealed. Each shift feature should be considered when developing interventions to increase nurses' alertness, promote high-quality care provision, and ensure patient safety. Clinical relevance The implementation of interventions to increase alertness among shift nurses is needed at the organizational level, and the cooperation of nursing managers and administrators is required. CAPTION(S): Supplementary Material Byline: Ari Min, Hye Chong Hong, Sungtaek Son, Tae Hee Lee

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