Foundational support: One member's account of the IREM Foundation's role in her real estate journey.

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Author: Sheena Boone
Date: July-August 2021
From: Journal of Property Management(Vol. 86, Issue 4)
Publisher: Institute of Real Estate Management
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,138 words
Lexile Measure: 1200L

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I have had many mentors along the way but the single most impactful event in my entire career was actually being fired. As a young property manager of a mid-size multifamily community, I was good at my job and knew it. I had no idea what it meant to be humble, and I talked and behaved like I was "above" everyone and everything.

My ego led me to accept a position with a new partnership that was not properly staffed, and there I tanked. Instead of looking inward and recognizing that my ego had accepted a job that was not a good fit, I blamed leadership for a poor staffing model. No matter how many hours I worked, I could not get out of my own way, and I was eventually invited to resign. I was devastated. I loved my company, I loved the culture, I loved the people. And now what would my colleagues think of me, the girl who claimed to be the very best?

I left the industry after this incident. I was bitter, angry, and still not seeing my part in the story. It took me two years, a lot of conversations with mentors and loved ones, and an outrageous amount of painful reflection to recognize the large role that my ego played in leading to this result I was living through. I began to focus on being good at my job while remaining humble and continuing to be a leader. In the middle of earning my bachelor's degree, I changed the emphasis to leadership; I volunteered and began learning what it meant to become a true servant leader.

After three years of working outside of property management, pursuing my...

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