Dysfunctional sleep beliefs and behaviours: Psychological factors in sleep-related headaches.

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Keywords Sleep; Headaches; Migraine; Beliefs; Behaviour Highlights * Maladaptive sleep beliefs and behaviours are associated with headaches. * Sleep beliefs and behaviours appear to affect headaches via decreased sleep quality. * Rigid control of sleep may increase sensitivity to sleep triggers of headaches. Abstract Sleep problems are amongst the most common triggers of migraine and non-migraine primary headache. Despite a majority of sleep problems being psychological in nature, there is a paucity of quantitative research on the psychological factors involved in sleep-related headaches. This is the first study to examine the link between maladaptive sleep beliefs and headaches. 542 participants completed an online battery measuring headache, sleep, and psychological distress. Avoidance of sleep-related headache triggers was associated with more headaches, as mediated by increased sensitivity to the triggers. Sleep quality, sleep beliefs, and sleep behaviours all significantly (p Author Affiliation: (a) School of Applied Psychology and Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia (b) Department of Psychiatry, Monash Health School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University, Victoria, Australia * Corresponding author. Griffith University Mount Gravatt Campus, Building M24, Room 4.09, 176 Messines Ridge Road, Mount Gravatt, Queensland, 4122, Australia. Article History: Received 6 April 2021; Revised 1 April 2022; Accepted 8 April 2022 Byline: Daniel P. Sullivan [daniel.sullivan5@griffithuni.edu.au] (a,*), Paul R. Martin (a,b), Mark J. Boschen (a), Siavash Bandarian-Balooch (a)

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