Nurse editors' roles and practices.

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Date: July 2022
From: Journal of Nursing Scholarship(Vol. 54, Issue 4)
Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Document Type: Survey; Report; Brief article
Length: 297 words

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Keywords: leadership; mentor; nurse editor; nursing journal Abstract Purpose While nurse editors carry great responsibility for the scientific literature in the nursing profession, little has been published about this unique role. The purpose of this study was to examine contemporary nurse editors' roles and practices. Design In early 2019, a sample of 129 nurse editors participated in a cross-sectional study using survey methods. Methods The online survey was based on an instrument used in a prior study and included 43 primarily multiple-choice questions. Findings were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Findings Beyond the expected roles of journal management, editorial decision making, leadership for the profession, and specific journal focus, some aspects of the nurse editor role have remained unchanged. The role continues to be learned mostly on the job and nurse editors still find satisfaction in helping other nurses publish and disseminate their work. Nurse editors are older and better educated. They also are receiving more manuscripts submitted to their journals and perceive this role as hard work but worth it. This is also the first study to report on the role of other levels of editors. Conclusion This study provides a description of the current roles and practices of nurse editors. Nurse editors can bring more attention to the role and encourage more nurses to consider this role as an attainable and a satisfying one. Clinical relevance Being a nurse editor is a leadership role and one that many nurses may not consider as a career goal. Nurse editors can increase the visibility of this role and engage, encourage, and support nurses who are interested in this role. Article Note: [Correction added on December 21, 2021 after first online publication: A middle initial was added to the second author's name.] Byline: Julee B. Waldrop, Frances E. Likis

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