Constantly improving: IREM's Membership & Credentialing Committee continues work on contemporary certifications relevant to an ever-changing industry.

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Date: July-August 2021
From: Journal of Property Management(Vol. 86, Issue 4)
Publisher: Institute of Real Estate Management
Document Type: Article
Length: 831 words
Lexile Measure: 1380L

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IREM is known for providing dynamic knowledge for real estate management professionals across the globe. Our prestigious certifications have for years been an integral launch pad for many members' careers in addition to driving a higher level of professional competency bringing added value to the properties where our members live, work, and shop.

To maintain the integrity and rigor associated with our certifications, a subjective review of the requirements and core competencies remains a dynamic process and one that the IREM Membership & Credentialing Committee has devoted considerable time to over the years.

There are a few intended outcomes in the review process as well as essential questions that need to be answered. Is the process to earn the certification objective? Are there unnecessary barriers to entry? Are there changes in the industry that should be reflected in the certification process and/or educational requirements?

Over the last several years, IREM has made modifications to certification requirements based on thorough review from the committee, which comprises members from diverse backgrounds. Some recent examples of updates to our certificate requirements include

* The 2019 decision to eliminate letters of recommendation for the Certified Property Manager (CPM), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), and Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) certifications. These were removed from...

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