Adjustment Period.

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Author: Morgan O'Rourke
Date: June 2021
From: Risk Management(Vol. 68, Issue 6)
Publisher: Sabinet Online
Document Type: Article
Length: 411 words
Lexile Measure: 1430L

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Recently my wife and I were flipping through television channels and happened to catch the opening minutes of yet another Law & Order spin-off. The case du jour centered around the armed robbery of a truckload of COVID-19 vaccines that had been earmarked for a New York-area hospital.

But perhaps as a sign of the times, instead of being captivated by the ensuing investigation, I was preoccupied with the fact that no one on screen, whether it was a main character or background extra, was wearing a mask. Here was a story based on current events, as demonstrated by the stolen COVID-19...

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