Predictors of nurses' reporting for work at the time of epidemics and natural disasters; solutions for hospital surge capacity.

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From: Journal of Nursing Scholarship(Vol. 54, Issue 4)
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Keywords: diaster response; instrument development; quantitative methodology; statistics; working conditions Abstract Purpose To identify the predictors of nurses' presence at hospitals at the time of three types of disasters. Design This cross-sectional study was performed using a researcher-generated questionnaire. Methods This study was performed on 350 nurses of five public hospitals. Data was collected using a questionnaire in which the respondents were asked about their decisions on reporting for work in the event of three scenarios: epidemic of an unknown contagious respiratory disease, earthquake, and flood. Multiple logistic regression was used to analyze the data. Findings The four predictors of nurses reporting for work include receiving trainings on disasters, and concerns on the non-compensation for providing services following the disaster, concerns about family safety and workplace safety. Conclusion Although slightly different factors affect the willingness of participants to report for work in each scenario, they can be put in two main categories; namely as personal and impersonal. Devising a family disaster plan and providing educational programs on self-care are two main strategies to increase the chances of presence at work following disasters. Clinical relevance The presence of more nurses in the hospital at the time of disasters can significantly improve the quality of care, and clinical outcomes of patients and disaster victims. Article Note: Funding information This research was funded by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Byline: Vahid Ghavami, Fatemeh Kokabi Saghi, Ali Asghari, Hamidreza Shabanikiya

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