Theoretical study of 2s shell photoionization and subsequent Auger decay in atomic sodium

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Date: Mar. 2018
From: Canadian Journal of Physics(Vol. 96, Issue 3)
Publisher: NRC Research Press
Document Type: Report
Length: 3,496 words
Lexile Measure: 1550L

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The 2s inner shell photoionization (PI) of Na and Auger decay of 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s state in Na+ were investigated using single-configuration and multiconfiguration (MC) approximation methods. The PI cross sections from MC calculations showed excellent agreement with experimental and previous theoretical values. The configuration interaction between 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s and 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]4s states was essential in predicting PI cross sections. Moreover, configuration interaction played a prominent role in determination of the Auger lifetime widths of [Na.sup.+] 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s ([sup.1][S.sub.0]) compared with the experiment. Key words: photoionization, Auger decay, lifetime width, configuration interaction, multiconfiguration Dirac-Fork. Utilisant les methodes approximatives a configuration simple et multi- configurations (MC), nous etudions la photoionisation (PI) dans la couche interne 2s du Na et la desintegration Auger de l'etat 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s dans le [Na.sup.+]. Les sections efficaces PI obtenues des calculs MC montrent un excellent accord avec les valeurs experimentales et avec d'autres calculs theoriques. L'interaction de configuration entre les etats 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s et 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]4s est essentielle pour predire correctement les sections efficaces PI. De plus, l'interaction de configuration joue un role capital dans la determination des largeurs de temps de vie Auger de 1[s.sup.2]2s2[p.sup.6]3s ([sup.1][S.sub.0]) dans une comparaison avec l'experience. [Traduit par la Redaction] Mots-cles: desintegration Auger, photo-ionisation, largeur de temps de vie, interaction de configuration, methode Dirac-Fock multi-configurations.

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