From the gap to the chasm: gender and participation among Non-Hispanic Whites and Mexican Americans

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From: Political Research Quarterly(Vol. 61, Issue 2)
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Author abstract; Report
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This article focuses on gender and ethnic inequalities in political participation across non-Hispanic whites and Mexican Americans. Using a mainstream model of participation, the authors find that differences in the levels of resources, motivations, and opportunities effectively account for gender gaps within the two populations. However, this mainstream model leaves largely unexplained the chasm in participation across non-Hispanic whites and Mexican Americans. The authors incorporate socialization experiences specific to Mexican Americans to identify the roots of participatory inequality across these groups. Differences in linguistic, educational, and general assimilation account for participatory differences across Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic whites. Equalizing these factors closes the chasm in participation. Keywords: participation; immigrants; socialization; Mexican Americans; gender

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