Effects of phosphorus on yield and grain protien content of two important indian pulses

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Date: July 2013
From: Indian Journal of Life Sciences(Vol. 2, Issue 2)
Publisher: Global Academic Society
Document Type: Report
Length: 3,330 words
Lexile Measure: 1440L

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Foliar application of phosphorus on moong bean and urd bean at the time of flowering at half and full basal fertilizer doses in different concentrations was applied and it was found that the treatment [T.sub.5] where 2.5 kg. Phosphorus / ha was applied as foliar spray showed best results. It enhanced almost all the vegetative and yield characteristics of moong bean and urd bean. The best result was observed at [T.sub.5] treatment at half basal fertilization dose. In this way a little amount of phosphorus used as foliar spray at the time of flowering when the plant required maximum nutrients can enhanced the productivity and save a large amount offertilizers. KEYWORDS : Phosphorus, Hectare, Treatment

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