The study of the effects of green house gardeners' view about sustainable agriculture, on yield of summer-crop greenhouses in Khuzestan Province

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Date: Aug. 2011
Publisher: American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Document Type: Report
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The goal of the current research is to examine the effect of green house gardeners' view about sustainable agriculture, on yield of summer crop greenhouses in Khuzestan Province. This research is of practical type and is based on survey research method, done in Khuzestan province and it uses questionnaires and interviews as data collection methods. 95 summer crop greenhouses in Khuzestan have been surveyed as the statistical society. The validity of this research has been confirmed by a panel of experts and its reliability by distributing 30 copies of questionnaires and analyzing the result by an SPSS software by 11.5 Cronbach's alpha score which led to 0.82 coefficient which makes the final outcome, desirable. It was proved that there was a positive significantly statistical relation between the gardeners' view about sustainable agriculture and the efficiency of these agricultural units. Furthermore, some other variables like age, education, field of study, and job experience, can affect the views on sustainable agriculture significantly. Key words: View of sustainable agriculture, yield of summer crop greenhouse

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