Is there evidence for anti-TNF drugs in joint involvement in sarcoidosis?

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From: Immunotherapy(Vol. 7, Issue 6)
Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
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Author(s): Heleen A Crommelin [*] aff1 aff2 , Adriane DM Vorselaars aff1 , Coline HM van Moorsel aff1 aff3 , Ingrid HE Korenromp aff1 , Vera HM Deneer aff2 , Jan C Grutters aff1 aff3


adalimumab; infliximab; sarcoid arthritis; sarcoidosis; TNF

We read with great interest the letter written by Banse et al . regarding our paper 'Anti-TNF therapeutics for the treatment of sarcoidosis' [1 ]. We agree that musculoskeletal involvement is a very interesting manifestation of sarcoidosis with many questions remaining unanswered. Our review focused on treatment results of anti-TNF drugs in manifestations of sarcoidosis with most published literature. Unfortunately, very little is known on the effect of anti-TNF drugs on musculoskeletal sarcoidosis [ 2 ].

The lack of knowledge on the effect of anti-TNF drugs in sarcoid arthritis may partly be the result of good response to first-...

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