In sickness and in health: should annual pay increments be attached to conditions such as 'satisfactory' attendance rates? We asked our readers panel

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Date: Sept. 7, 2011
From: Nursing Standard(Vol. 26, Issue 1)
Publisher: Royal College of Nursing Publishing Company (RCN)
Document Type: Article
Length: 550 words
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Attendance rates would soar if related to pay

What a fantastic idea. It is annoying that some members of staff get the same pay increments as me yet they call in 'sick' every weekend, and when they are at work they do the bare minimum for patients.

Pay increments should be based on performance as well as attendance. This would motivate members of staff to attend study days and encourage the entire team to provide higher standards of care. If pay increments had these attached conditions, work and training attendance rates would definitely improve.

Julie Clarke is a staff nurse in Norfolk


Unwell people could affect other staff

Annual pay increments are already attached to conditions, especially at a gateway level, but using attendance or any other issue to stop increments...

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