Sexual Assault of Women.

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Date: Feb. 1, 2021
From: American Family Physician(Vol. 103, Issue 3)
Publisher: American Academy of Family Physicians
Document Type: Article
Length: 547 words
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What is sexual assault?

It is when you are forced to have any type of sexual contact that you do not want or without your consent. Another word for sexual assault is rape. It can range from being touched to being forced into sex. You can be hurt or killed during a sexual assault. Many people get cuts, bruises, or broken bones. People can get pregnant or get sexually transmitted infections after a sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a serious crime. It is a crime even if you know the attacker. It is a crime even if you are drinking, taking or given drugs, or are unconscious. It is a crime no matter what you are wearing or saying. It is a crime even if you don't fight back.

What is consent?

It is when you...

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