The Reading Closet.

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Author: Sunggyung Jo
Date: Spring 2022
Publisher: University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas Press)
Document Type: Essay
Length: 6,294 words
Lexile Measure: 1510L

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KEYWORDS: reading, closet, private, everyday, aesthetic, inner life In this essay, I introduce and conceptualize the term "reading closet" to describe one's voluntarily exiling oneself from the corporeal world and hiding in a mental space that reading affords. The reading closet connotes a safe, psychological space in which one can silently explore both the contents of texts and those of one's own desires that are triggered by one's reading acts. This essay is an attempt to articulate, through its original term, the ways in which we look for an opportunity to be alone with any book available at the moment--for the silent moment of reading that no one could interrupt or penetrate.

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