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Date: Spring 2015
From: Financial Executive(Vol. 31, Issue 2)
Publisher: Financial Executives International
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Financial Executives International is pleased to recognize and thank this years' Distinguished Service Award winners. This group of outstanding FEI and business leaders is being honored for the many contributions they have made to FEI, both nationally and at the chapter levels, as well as to their communities and the organizations they help lead.



George Boyadjis' involvement with FEI has been extensive since his first meeting in 1994. As FEI National Board Chair in 2011-2012, he oversaw the formation of FEI's Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee as well as Innovative member-focused initiatives, including discovering a source for thirdparty dues payment for Twin Cities' Chapter members who are "in transition."

With a strong focus on expanding member access to FEI's programs and services, he was involved in a re-design of FEI's web presence at the National level, and continues to be involved at the Twin Cities Chapter level.

Prior to his serving as FEI Board Chair, he chaired the National Strategic Planning Committee and was a member of FEI's National Ethics and Eligibility Committee. He continues his National service today, as a member of the FEI Membership Acquisition and Enhancement Action Team.

Boyadjis served as chair of the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) Board of Trustees from 2006-2008, and continues to be a passionate supporter and fundraiser for the research reports that FERF produces. In addition, new fundraising programs like the FERF Chapter

Challenge that Boyadjis helped to lead brought Chapter engagement to a new level, and continues to support FERF's mission to provide research that is not funded by FEI member dues.

Boyadjis has also served as VP of Programs, Membership Chair and president of FEI's Twin Cities Chapter. He continues to serve the Twin Cities Chapter as VP of Membership, as National Liaison, and as a member of the Chapter Board's Executive Committee.

In a career that began with Ernst & Young in 1977, Boyadjis continues to make a lasting imprint in the real estate, health care, medical technology and accounting fields. He is currently Corporate Services Director for Cresa, a commercial real estate services firm. He joined Cresa in 2009, leveraging a track record as a CFO and CPA, to assist corporate and nonprofit clients alike. During his tenure, he has helped lead the team there to six consecutive years of record growth.

Before joining Cresa, Boyadjis spent nine years with the medical technology firm American TeleCare Inc., and served as its executive vice president and CFO. From 1997 to 1999, he was...

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