Beneficiary Knowledge of the Medicare Program

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Date: Fall 1998
From: Health Care Financing Review(Vol. 20, Issue 1)
Publisher: Superintendent of Documents
Document Type: Article
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The Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) is a powerful tool for analyzing the Medicare population. Based on a stratified random sample, we can derive information about the health care use, expenditure, and financing of Medicare's 36 million enrollees. We can also learn about those enrollees' health status, living arrangements, sources of and need for information, and access to and satisfaction with care.

Figures 1, 2, and 3 examine non-institutionalized beneficiaries' assessment of their knowledge of Medicare and compare their self-assessment with their knowledge of specific aspects of the program. In May-August 1997 we asked beneficiaries to assess their knowledge of the Medicare program. We asked beneficiaries if they felt they knew "... just about everything they needed to know, most of what they needed to know, some of what they needed to know, a little of what they needed to know, or almost none of what they needed to know" about various aspects of the Medicare program. We asked whether beneficiaries knew about: covered medical services, how much they have to pay for covered medical services, supplemental or medigap insurance--such as what it covers or how it works with...

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