U.S. Government Says UFOs are "Real": An Analysis of the 60 Minutes Investigation.

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Author: Mick West
Date: Summer 2021
From: Skeptic (Altadena, CA)(Vol. 26, Issue 3)
Publisher: Skeptics Society & Skeptic Magazine
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,353 words
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THE 60 MINUTES SEGMENT OF SUNDAY MAY 16, 2021 (available online at https://bit.ly/3wa48Bo), was no doubt for many people a startling revelation that the U.S. Government has admitted that UFOs are "real" and the military is investigating them. But for me it was a walk down memory lane, a recap of the curious events of the last four years. A disappointing recap at that, as I'd hoped for at least some new nuggets of information that I could use to help solve the rather complicated puzzle of just exactly what is going on.

The segment opens with an interview with a familiar character, Luis Elizondo, reputedly the former head of a $22 million program instigated by Senator Harry Reid called AATIP: the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Ostensibly this was created to study possible future developments in aerospace. Elizondo claims the program was actually created to study UFOs (or, as they prefer to call them now, UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.) Put out to tender in 2008, the budget was awarded to Reid's friend, Robert Bigelow, a UFO and paranormal enthusiast.

Elizondo opens with the startling claim that "the Government has already stated for the record that [UFOs] are real." Startling, that is, until you remember that "UFO" does not necessarily mean alien visitors, but rather something unidentified in the sky, something about which the observer lacks sufficient information to identify. Obviously, the government would admit such things are "real." A mylar balloon (next page, top) floating into the range of a Navy jet's camera is "real", but the "U" in UFO and UAP does not mean extraterrestrial, or even necessarily an aerial technology beyond any known physics and aerodynamics. Elizondo then goes on to describe craft exhibiting startling technologies--the ability to accelerate at a physics-defying 6oog, reaching speeds of 17,000 mph in the atmosphere, or even through water. These are things that the government very much has not admitted are real.

We then are shown a series of familiar videos as evidence of this amazing technology--all of...

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