In memoriam: Charles Boucher (1958-2021).

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Date: May 2021
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Dr. Charles Boucher

Scientific Director, Virology Education and Academic Medical Education

Professor, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Charles Boucher on 26 February at his home in Utrecht, The Netherlands (Figure 1; [1-3]). Dr. Boucher was a highly respected clinician, researcher, mentor and educator, who importantly contributed to advancing the field of HIV through his scientific curiosity and passion for training and capacity development.

He is perhaps best known for his early contributions to HIV resistance research and efforts to translate basic and laboratory science into improvements in the quality of care and treatment. Dr. Boucher's groundbreaking work three decades ago laid the foundation of much of today's understanding of viral drug resistance [4-6]. Although originally described for HIV, it provided important insights for other viral infections, such as hepatitis C, as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic. He was among the pioneers in describing the selection of specific mutations by HIV, how they impact viral replication and fitness, and their contribution to clinical progression. Although he worked on early HIV drugs like zidovudine and amivudine, his observations led to a better understanding of all our subsequent antiretrovirals [7,8]. Dr. Boucher's insights provided scientific guidance for many of our improvements in diagnosing and monitoring resistance, as well as designing drugs with superior resistance characteristics.

Many may not be as aware of the foundational role he played in expanding international training opportunities and research workshops to topics and geographical areas that often were not the main...

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