Identifying the musculoskeletal causes of neck pain: provocative maneuvers are helpful in patient evaluation

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Date: Apr. 2012
From: The Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine(Vol. 29, Issue 3)
Publisher: CMP Medica, LLC
Document Type: Disease/Disorder overview
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Neck pain is a common problem. The diagnosis most often can be made with the history and physical examination. In the examination, the physician should note any masses or asymmetries. Several provocative maneuvers are useful in evaluating cervical radiculopathy. Identifying key "red flag" symptoms helps clinicians identify malignancy, infection, and other potentially serious diagnoses. Cervical spondylosis may cause axial neck pain, radiculopathy, and myelopathy. Physical findings for cervical radiculopathy include a combination of deficits in motor function, sensation, and reflexes. Conditions that may mimic cervical radiculopathy include Pancoast tumor and peripheral entrapment neuropathies. Patients with cervical myelopathy often have a history of chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Conservative treatment is acceptable in the absence of red flag symptoms or myelopathy. (J Musculoskel Med. 2012;29:82-86)

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