Registration of `Stout' Soybean

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From: Crop Science(Vol. 41, Issue 3)
Publisher: Crop Science Society of America
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`Stout' soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]) (Reg. no. CV-431, PI 614807) was developed jointly by the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. It was released 30 Sept. 1999 as a high yielding, lodging resistant, determinate semidwarf cultivar with specific adaptation to highly productive environments, where lodging frequently is a barrier to higher soybean yields with taller indeterminate cultivars (Cooper, 1981, 1985).

Stout is a [F.sub.4]-derived line, originally designated as HC94-421, from the cross, `Sprite 87' x HC85-6577 (Cooper et al., 1991). HC85-6577 is a determinate semidwarf line from the cross, HC78-350 x HC78-676. HC78-350 is a semidwarf line from the cross, L72U-2567 x `Essex' (Smith et al., 1973). L72U-2567 is an [F.sub.2]-derived semidwarf line from the cross, `Williams' x `Ransom' (Bernard and Lindahl, 1972; Brim and Elledge, 1973). HC78-676 is a semidwarf line from the cross, L70T-543G x L74D-619. L70T-543G is an indeterminate line from the cross, L15 x `Amsoy 71' (Probst et al., 1972). L15 is a BC5-derived near-isogenic line of `Wayne' (Bernard, 1966) containing the Rps1-a allele from `Clark 63' (Bernard, 1964). L74D-619 is a semidwarf line from the cross, Williams x Ransom. The cross of Sprite 87 x HC85-6577 was made in 1990, at the Ohio...

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