Agricultural Practices Influence Salmonella Contamination and Survival in Pre-harvest Tomato Production

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Author(s): Ganyu Gu, Laura K. Strawn, David O. Oryang, Jie Zheng, Elizabeth A. Reed, Andrea R. Ottesen, Rebecca L. Bell, Yuhuan Chen, Steven Duret, David T. Ingram, Mark S. Reiter, Rachel Pfuntner, Eric W. Brown, Steven L. Rideout

Between 2000 and 2010 the Eastern Shore of Virginia was implicated in four Salmonella outbreaks associated with tomato. Therefore, a multi-year study (2012-2015) was performed to investigate presumptive factors associated with the contamination of Salmonella within tomato fields at Virginia Tech's Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center. Factors including irrigation water sources (pond and well), type of soil amendment: fresh poultry litter (PL), PL ash, and...

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