High Diversity, Prevalence, and Co-infection Rates of Tick-Borne Pathogens in Ticks and Wildlife Hosts in an Urban Area in Romania.

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Author(s): Silvia-Diana Boroan, Angela Monica IonicÄ, Clémence Galon, Andra Toma-Naic, Cosmin Peotean, Attila D. Sà¡ndor, Sara Moutailler, Andrei Daniel Mihalca

Despite the increasingly recognized eco-epidemiological importance of ticks as vectors for numerous zoonotic pathogens in urban areas, data regarding the pathogen diversity and co-infection rates in ticks and wildlife hosts in urban and peri-urban Romania are scanty. We aimed to establish the risk of human exposure to co-infected ticks in Cluj-Napoca, a major city in Romania. DNA was isolated from 151 questing ticks: <italic>Ixodes ricinus</italic> (<italic>n</italic> = 95), <italic>Haemaphysalis punctata</italic> (<italic>n</italic> = 53), <italic>Dermacentor reticulatus</italic> (<italic>n</italic> = 2), and <italic>Dermacentor marginatus</italic>...

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