Collaborating with users to innovate: A systematic literature review.

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From: Technovation(Vol. 116)
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers
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Keywords Firm-user collaboration; User innovation; Innovation strategy; Innovation management; Review Highlights * Systematic literature review of the user and open innovation in the context of firm-to-users collaboration. * Identification of six main areas of firm-to-users relations impacting innovation management. * Providing a transversal perspective on the internal firm dynamics needed to enable and enhance the user collaboration strategies of firms. * Association of Firm-to-Users collaboration activities as part of the innovation process. Abstract The purpose of this study is to systematize and consolidate a scattered literature on the theme of firm-user collaboration by focusing on the strategic, organizational, and managerial dynamics of firms. To achieve this aim, a systematic review of 152 articles was carried out. Papers were first organized into six clusters of firm-user collaboration: (1) Identifying and Selecting Users and Ideas, (2) Organizing Collaboration with Users, (3) Networking with Users, (4) Engaging Users in the Innovation Process, (5) Developing Resources and Capabilities to support Collaboration with Users, and (6) Strategizing for Users' Involvement. The main topics within each area were then organized sequentially, following a typical innovation-management process to facilitate the identification of further research opportunities and under-addressed topics that could be relevant to tackle. The paper contributes to the innovation literature by providing a firm-centered perspective on the strategic, organizational, and managerial preconditions and dynamics needed to enable and enhance collaboration with users. Author Affiliation: (a) Department of Management, University of Bologna, Via Capo di Lucca, 34, 40126, Bologna, Italy (b) DEAMS Department, University of Trieste, Piazzale Europa, 1, 34127, Trieste, Italy (c) Industrial Business Department, University of National and World Economy, 8mi Dekemvri 1, 1700, Sofia, Bulgaria * Corresponding author. Article History: Received 28 November 2019; Revised 17 January 2022; Accepted 20 February 2022 Byline: Khatereh Ghasemzadeh [] (a,*), Guido Bortoluzzi [] (b), Zornitsa Yordanova [] (c)

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