MARCH 2021.

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Date: Mar. 2021
From: National Tax Journal(Vol. 71, Issue 1)
Publisher: National Tax Association
Document Type: Article
Length: 573 words
Lexile Measure: 1170L

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This issue marks a major transition at the National Tax Journal. We are pleased to announce that, starting with the March 2021 issue, the University of Chicago Press is now the publisher of the NTJ! Since the creation of the NTJ in 1948, the National Tax Association has self-published the journal. Over the years, we have hired a managing editor to facilitate the publication process, including oversight of printing and distribution. This publication model served us well when publishing a journal was mainly about delivering print copies to our members and institutional subscribers. As the world moved on from the printing press to the digital age, journal publication changed dramatically. By moving to the University of Chicago Press (UCP), we will enhance our digital presence and leverage the economies of scale that UCP has by being part of its portfolio of journals. We...

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