Reported sleep health and viral respiratory illness in nurses

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Date: July-August 2013
From: MedSurg Nursing(Vol. 22, Issue 4)
Publisher: Jannetti Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Report
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Purpose In this study, differences and relationships among variables in sleep quality/quantity and self-reported viral illness between day and non-day shift hospital nurses were examined. Design and Methods A descriptive, cross-sectional study used the 10-item Karolinska Sleep Questionnaire to measure quality of sleep in 131 direct-care nurses from a 246-bed community-owned hospital in the northwestern United States. Findings Non-day shift nurses used more techniques to stay awake while at work or aid in sleep at home. No differences were found between shifts in reported absenteeism for viral illness (m=2.9 days), or hours of reported sleep (m=7.5); significant differences were found in non-day shift quality of sleep compared to day shift nurses and between age groups. Conclusion Sleep disturbances are present among nurses and differ depending on shift worked and nurse's age. No association was found between sleep and reported viral illness.

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