Solitary neurofibroma of seminal vesicle

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Date: April-June 2019
From: Journal of Postgraduate Medicine(Vol. 65, Issue 2)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Case study
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Byline: S. Rajaian, A. Paulraj, L. Murugesan

A 53-year-old male patient presented to our clinic with a history of urinary hesitancy, intermittency and sense of incomplete voiding for the past 1-year duration. No other symptoms like hematuria or perineal pain were noted. Rectal examination revealed an ill-defined swelling in the left side of the pelvis in continuity with the prostate. External genitalia appeared normal. No clinical stigmata of von Recklinghausen's disease were noted. Transabdominal ultrasound showed a retrovesicular swelling with solid and cystic areas. Radiological examination using computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed that the lesion was arising from the left seminal vesicle [Figure 1]. Bilateral upper urinary tracts appeared normal.{Figure 1}

After thorough evaluation, he underwent diagnostic cystoscopy, and left retrograde pyelography (RGP). Cystoscopy was normal. Left RGP showed medially deviated left ureter due to the mass. A ureteric catheter was placed in the...

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