Physical and Antioxidant Properties of Superfine Powders of Golden Imperial Chrysanthemum.

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We have examined the physical properties and antioxidant activity of superfine powders of golden imperial Chrysanthemum prepared Py eccentric vibratory grinding. The coarse powders (GSP-0, 43.33 urn) were processed for 1 h, 2 h, and 3 h by eccentric vibratory grinding to obtain the superfine powders GSP-1, GSP-2, and GSP-3, respectively. The scavenging capacity against hydroxyl radicals and superoxide radicals as well as the total antioxidant capacity were evaluated. The results showed that the particle sizes of GSP-1, GSP-2, and GSP-3 were 28.87, 27.52, and 11.58 urn, respectively. Moreover, GSP-1, GSP-2, and GSP-3 exhibited better physical properties and had higher antioxidant activity than GSP-0. Among these powders, GSP-3 was the best in terms of its physical properties and antioxidant activity. The results suggest that eccentric vibratory grinding is a great potential processing method for golden imperial Chrysanthemum in improving its application value. Keywords: Antioxidant properties, Eccentric vibratory grinding, Golden imperial Chrysanthemum, Physical properties, Superfine grinding Abbreviation Used: Golden imperial Chrysanthemum superfine powder, GSP Corresponding Author: Dr. Shuang-Jie Zhu, School of Biological and Food Engineering, Chuzhou University, Chuzhou 239012, China; Email:

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