Incidentally diagnosed fetus compressus on placental examination

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Authors: M. Chikhale and P. Pradhan
Date: April-June 2019
From: Journal of Postgraduate Medicine(Vol. 65, Issue 2)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Case study
Length: 593 words
Lexile Measure: 1410L

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Byline: M. Chikhale, P. Pradhan

The frequency of twin gestation has increased due to increased incidence of use of artificial reproductive techniques.[1] Studies have shown that mothers with twin pregnancy and chronic diseases like gestational diabetes have a tendency to absorb one out of the two embryos.[2] Most of these cases are diagnosed based on ultrasonography. Here, we present an unusual case, where a fetus compressus was incidentally diagnosed in a vanishing twin syndrome following spontaneous conception.

A 28-year-old second gravida having gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) with one live tissue delivered a healthy term baby which was a spontaneous conception having unremarkable ultrasonography findings in the antenatal period. She went into spontaneous labor at 38 weeks and had an uneventful normal vaginal delivery followed by an event-free postpartum phase for mother and baby. The birth weight of the baby was 3.2 kg and it cried immediately after birth....

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