Highlights of the 15th Annual Health and Beauty Association meeting: trends in personal care 18-20 September 2007, New York, USA

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Author: Helen E. Knaggs
Date: Dec. 2007
From: Clinical Dermatology(Vol. 23, Issue 4)
Publisher: Mediscript Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 671 words
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The Annual meeting of the Health and Beauty Association brings together representatives from a wide range of cosmetic companies and aims to update people with the latest trends in ingredients as well as informing them about marketing trends and branding issues. As usual the topics included skin and hair care, nutritional extracts, so-called 'organics', and 'green' ingredients, as well as 'natural cosmeceutical ingredients' and scientific evidence for the efficacy of new ingredients and formulations. In addition, there were presentations on 'devices' to measure skin parameters, and of course there was an exhibition hall.

'Green' products

There is now generally a greater concern about sustainability and personal care is following this trend in a very serious way. Natural ingredients (rather than 'chemicals') are attractive; however, a product on sale on a drug store's shelves defined as 'natural' may in fact have between 5 and 70% of natural ingredients. So-called 'green' ingredients should be derived from renewable, sustainable sources, and they should be derived from plants rather than petrochemicals....

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