Differential diagnosis of bovine intestinal diseases and their sequelae regarding ultrasonography and other diagnostic tools.

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From: Veterinary World(Vol. 14, Issue 6)
Publisher: Veterinary World
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Background and Aim: Intestinal disorders represented a large proportion of abdominal emergencies in bovine practice, and their definite diagnosis was a big challenge. The study described different intestinal disorders in cattle either in the small intestine (SI) or large intestine with their sequelae and peritonitis between SI loops. Materials and Methods: This study involved healthy (n=20) and diseased (n=40) cattle with intestinal disorders. All animals were undergoing clinical examination, laboratory analyses, and ultrasonographic examination. Results: Diseased cattle had monocytic leukocytosis as well as hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia. The SI ileus of either proximal (n=12) or distal (n=15), intussusception (n=3), cecal, and/or colonal dilatation (n=10) were diagnosed by ultrasound and other diagnostic tools. Duodenum intussusception was imaged in cross-section as bull's eyes lesions. Animals with SI obstructions showed complete cessation (ileus with complete obstruction) or partial reduction of the peristaltic SI movement (ileus with partial obstruction), dilated duodenum (6.5-9.9 cm), and dilated jejunum and/or ileum (4.4-6.8 cm). Ultrasonography diagnosed SI ileus, due to either intestinal obstruction or peritonitis, and detected the ileus site, either proximal or distal. Cecal/colonal dilatation was detected using ultrasonography in which SI was not imaged and the peristaltic movements were completely reduced. The recorded intestinal disorders were associated with other disorders (e.g., liver cirrhosis or peritonitis). Conclusion: Ultrasonography played an important role in the differential diagnosis of intestinal disorders in cattle. Peritonitis between SI loops and cecal and/or colonal dilatation was also diagnosed. Keywords: caecal dilatation, cattle, ileus, intussusception, peritonitis, ultrasonography.

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