Guiding states in planning for human service integration

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Author: Tracy Wareing
Date: Oct. 2011
From: Policy & Practice(Vol. 69, Issue 5)
Publisher: American Public Human Services Association
Document Type: Column
Length: 767 words
Lexile Measure: 1770L

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For the past several years, we have dedicated our October issue of Policy & Practice to health care issues. We continue that tradition this year with a special focus on the intersection of health care and human services. We continue to hear from many of our members about the need to better connect human service programs to the health side--acute care, behavioral health and long-term care. Many of the people served by our members' human service agencies are eligible for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or will receive premium subsidies for health coverage through the new Health Insurance Exchanges. The key is to ensure that the needs of children, adults and families served by these systems are effectively linked together with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention to achieve better outcomes for patients/clients and reduce costs in both systems.

States opting to develop and/or enhance their eligibility and enrollment systems for Medicaid, CHIP and premium subsidies in their exchanges also now have a unique opportunity to address eligibility screening and enrollment for human service programs in their systems, particularly in light of the recent waiver of cost-allocation...

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