A 6-month exercise intervention among inactive and overweight favela-residing women in Brazil: The caranguejo exercise trial

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From: The American Journal of Public Health(Vol. 99, Issue 1)
Publisher: American Public Health Association, Inc.
Document Type: Author abstract; Report
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Objectives. We examined the viability and efficacy of a known quantity of exercise in facilitating weight loss among previously sedentary or irregularly active overweight and obese adult women residing in a slum (favela) in Brazil. Methods. In this randomized controlled trial, 156 women were randomized to a control or intervention group (78 in each group). Exercise was supervised, consisting of three 50-minute aerobic sessions each week for 6 months. Results. Ninety-one percent (71) of the participants in the intervention group completed 6 months of the exercise program. At 6 months, women in the treatment group showed significant reduction in weight (mean =-1.69 kg; 95% confidence interval [CI] =-2.36,-1.03) and body mass index (mean=-0.63 kg/[m.sup.2]; 95% CI =-0.97,-0.30) compared with controls (P for both Conclusions. A moderately intense, structured exercise program resulted in modest weight loss in women when sustained for 6 months. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2007.124495)

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