National Awards Honor Psychiatric Times[TM] Editorial Board Members.

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Author: Laurie Martin
Date: Mar. 2021
From: Psychiatric Times(Vol. 38, Issue 3)
Publisher: Intellisphere, LLC
Document Type: Article
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Leading psychiatric organizations have recognized the commitment and exemplary work of Psychiatric Times[TM] Editorial Board members.

Jack Weinberg Memorial Award in Geriatric Psychiatry

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the APA Foundation have selected Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA, as the recipient of the 2021 Jack Weinberg Memorial Award in Geriatric Psychiatry. The award, instituted in 1983, recognizes a psychiatrist who has devoted their career to geriatric psychiatry. The awardee also exemplifies leadership and goes above and beyond in the areas of clinical practice, educational training and mentorship, and important research. (1)

Tampi's passion--to promote the care of older adults with mental health disorders and to train the next generation of leaders in psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry--certainly falls within these parameters. His clinical interests include not only late-life psychiatric disorders but also legal matters and ethics, neurodegenerative disorders, and integrated geriatric-psychiatric care. He has been a proponent of undergraduate and postgraduate education in both psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry.

"I am honored and humbled to receive the award," Tampi told Psychiatric Times[TM]. "It was the support of Cleveland Clinic, the Yale School of Medicine, the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry, and the APA that has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my passion for clinical excellence, teaching, mentorship, research, writing, and advocacy," he added.

When asked what drew him to geriatric psychiatry as a specialty, Tampi replied, "It provides compassionate care for vulnerable, older...

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