Implications of early marriage in Ethiopia

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Date: June 2014
From: Ahfad Journal(Vol. 31, Issue 1)
Publisher: Ahfad University for Women
Document Type: Article
Length: 2,274 words
Lexile Measure: 1420L

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This paper is meant to critically review early marriage in the legal and cultural Ethiopian context and to investigate the health related issues relevant to the practice. In Ethiopia early marriage is a widely spread phenomenon whereby polices enacted to limit the practice are met by resistance from the communities and social bodies who encouraged the practice. This paper critically analyzes the practices, institutional as well as customary laws that govern early marriage in the Ethiopia and tries to provide an understanding of some of the specific health related issues, based on examining the already existing data, reports and researches' results from government data and civil society documents. The paper concludes that although the communities recognized some relevant harmful health related issues relevant to the practice, they are not yet prepared to stop performing early marriage. Thus, it remains the responsibility of a collaborative effort of the civil society and government to work out in the context of the existing laws towards eradication of this practice. Keywords: Early marriage, national health policy, health consequences of marriage, poor women in Ethiopian, customary laws. [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]

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