Patriotism and linguistic purism in France: Deux dialogues dans le nouveau langage francois and Parlez-vous Franglais?

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Author: David Hornsby
Date: Dec. 1998
From: Journal of European Studies(Vol. 28, Issue 4)
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd. (UK)
Document Type: Article
Length: 10,333 words

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The French satirical works `Deux dialogues dans le nouveau langage francois italianize,' by Henri Estienne in 1578, and `Parlez-vous franglais?,' by Rene Entiemble in 1964, were both aimed at patriotism and linguistic purism in France. Although writing in two different contexts, both writers expressed their indifference towards perceived semantic shifts brought about by external pressure. Estienne viewed the Italianized language of the court as a threat to French language, whereas the same threat was seen by Etiemble in the form of Anglo-American language.

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