Improved glucose tolerance with lifetime diet restriction favorably affects disease and survival in dogs

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From: The Journal of Nutrition(Vol. 133, Issue 9)
Publisher: American Institute of Nutrition
Document Type: Author abstract
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Labrador retrievers (42 of original 48) were used to assess the effects of lifetime diet restriction on glucose tolerance at ages 9-12 y. Restricted-fed (RF) dogs were fed 75% of the same diet consumed by control-fed (CF) pair-mates. An intravenous glucose tolerance test was done annually (maximal stimulation, nonsteady-state). Diet treatment, age, and interactions were fixed effects. Statistical procedures used included mixed-model, repeated-measures ANOVA; least-squares means; Tukey's multiple comparison; paired t tests; and Spearman rank correlations. Glucose k-value and half-life, and insulin sensitivity (total, and 9, 10, 11 y, and per lean mass) were higher (P KEY WORDS: * diet restriction * glucose tolerance * insulin sensitivity * chronic disease * dogs

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